Brush strokes. / by Dawn Webb

Yikes today looks like the first day of winter! it's wet, cold and generally rubbish outside and having just had breakfast I dragged the camera out whilst the girls sat in limbo awaiting their daily entertainment. (Ten pin bowling) It's always a great time to grab some candid type portraits of them, they simply ignore me.   Up very close and shooting with a 50mm I can get inside their world without them taking much notice of this big old oath pointing his camera at them.  With a large North facing window I have the simplest of soft boxes provided by nature itself, why makes things difficult when it needn't be so.  So often people make taking portraits a technical kerfuffle when I doesn't have to be.  A window facing North can be a rewarding light source giving portraits a wonderful soft property.  I sometimes stick up a cream or white net curtain with bulldog clips to soften it even further, takes seconds and easy to put up in any window frame costing the price of a 2 metre square of material and a few clips.  Try it and you might just be surprised at the outcome.


Still playing with VSCO presets and tweaking shadow tones I am getting somewhere with the look I like.