It's where it all began / by Dawn Webb

I know a lot of my visitors to my website and blog are here just to see my wedding work, but there is a lot of my photographic history that I feel the need to show off.  A lot of you will know I cut my teeth as a photographer in the army for many years.  Back when I was working as a full time photographer I was an extremely lucky and fortunate chappy to have travelled to some beautiful places.  I guess you could say I was paid to travel and do my hobby - photography!  It was here I learnt my craft in pretty much every situation you could think of, extremes of heat, pressure working to fanatical standards and deadlines on a daily basis.  My work had to stand out from the crowd, it had to be relevant yet have a unique selling point - very similar to how I approach weddings , especially as I am up against some stiff competition and very talented photographers out there.

I will showcase several galleries over the foreseeable future of my military work, ranging from landscapes through to portraiture.

To start off I have a small selection from my last trip to Afghanistan .