Trick or treat / by Dawn Webb

It was Friday afternoon, as I made my way home from ‘the day job’ when I thought it would be a great idea to get my lights out and grab a few images of the girls as they got ready for Halloween.  An idea that seemed good at the time until the moment I walked through the front door and the girls were far too excited for my liking after a busy week at work of course 'they wanted to go trick or treating'.  I just wanted my 5 minutes transition from day to night, cup of tea but no the girls had other ideas.  Dawn was busy organising makeup duties and costumes. Soo into the garden I went, setup two strobes - one with a shoot through brolly and blue gel and the other strobe camera rear with red gel bare faced.   One of the images instantly had a ‘Twilight’ look to it from the US television series, with a bit of post edit tweak of course.  I learnt a technique in photoshop a few years back from the legend that is Joey Lawrence that involves a series of layers with a multiple layer blend, desaturation levels and localised sharpening.  2 further layers with vector masks for dodge/burn applications also.  It isn’t a technique to be applied on all images, but for a look like this it works very well.  I have uploaded the original jpeg file prior to any kind of processing, through to the final artwork.


Images were shot on my Fuji XE1 with 35mm f1.4 and strobes fired off with Pocket Wizards Plus ll.'s - custom JPEG settings applied in camera.


I have also included several images from the rest of the pre trick or treating shoot.