The Driver - Maidstone, Kent / by Dawn Webb

So I have been flat out shooting weddings throughout July and August, creating albums and making slideshows that I felt the need to take two weeks holiday off during the end of September.  We had a wedding to drive for in Maidstone, in fact Dawn had a wedding to drive for and I decided to jump aboard with a camera.  We are also currently rebuilding the new VW Brides website which is set to launch in October, I need as many images ready for it's launch.

I wanted to test a few new settings I have been busy making in lightroom to see if it will suit my autumn weddings, and give my images a vintage film look....still tweaking shadow tones and working on my B&W images.  I am hoping I am almost there, not being a tech geek with computers I never find this stuff natural.

Images edited via VSCO with monos being pushed through a custom TMax 400iso setting/look