Wedding of Hollie & Steven, Little Silvers country house Tenterden. / by Dawn Webb

It is very evident I am running slightly behind with my blogging lately, that is partly due to the new arrival of our gorgeous bundle of joy Finn.

Also I am snowed under with recent weddings and trying my best to get them out within the allotted time frames as promised.

Back towards the end of what some of us called 'summer' I shot a wedding at the Little Silvers country house on the outskirts of Tenterden for Hollie & Steven.

They had booked our package for the day and that was to have me cover the wedding alongside both Marty & Belle.

Hollie along with her entourage were getting ready at the family home in Iwade near Sittingbourne. I say 'entourage' as I think there were 19 people in the lounge at one point.

Hollie was always very nervous to have me photograph her wedding, more because she was camera shy than anything I had ever actually done!  I think I had only been in the house for two minutes before I started making images of Hollie, hairdryer at the ready she questioned me "what are you doing"...erm I am photographing you for your wedding? was that a trick question I asked. It wasn't helped by the fact the professional makeup artist turned up without her makeup! yes I wrote that correctly, imagine if the photographer was to turn up minus their camera? This naturally put Hollie on the backlit from the start.

Being a documentary photographer I can only and will only photograph what I see and not stage anything to make it look prettier than what it is.

You see that's the difference between a documentary wedding photographer and a photographer that just turns up for the 4 hours ceremony coverage.  I simply want to be with the bride from the minute she wakes up ( not literally but you get me)  The hustle and bustle of the mornings preparations provide me so many story telling opportunities.  

Once we had left and made our way to Little Silvers the light took a turn for the worse! it was one of those typical crisp end of summer days where the shadows were deep black but the sun lit areas were bleach white.  Now a camera with an 11 stop exposure latitude should be able to cope (you hope).

What I do like particularly about this time of year is the fact you do get nice long and low shadows due to the height of the sun, it barely rises above the 2 o'clock position even at mid day.


I am not wanting to waffle on too much as I have nappy duties to attend to - for now I will leave you with a few images from the day.