Paul Shaw ABIPP - photographer and friend. / by Dawn Webb

I first met Paul way back in 2007 when I had just badged over to being a full time photographer in the army, at the headquarter in Wilton, Wiltshire.

Paul was at the time a very keen and knowledgeable amateur photographer with his own Nikon D3 kit.  With a very sound knowledge on the technical side of the art form Paul was an obvious choice for me to recruit into the photographic trade.  So in 2010 I gave Paul a simple set of instructions to assist him in persuing his new career and put him in touch with the relevant people to help aide the transition. He would often come and sit in my room and badger me for information on becoming a better and more experienced photographer, his passion was immense and sometimes I would question if he actually had more knowledge than me at times. Paul attended the photographic selection like the rest of us and came top of his syndicate and very quickly looked to be following in my very own footsteps whilst on the Joint Services photographic career course at RAF Cosford in the midlands.  Honing his skills on a daily basis and producing some simply stunning work, Paul graduated and badged to the Royal Logistic Corps as a fully fledged professional photographer in 2011.  He later went onto deploy on a number of operational tasks in Afghanistan where he made a name for himself within the tightly knotted trade of which were only 40 members strong at the time.  Paul did so well in that he was hand picked to work directly for the Prime Minister Mr David Cameron at No 10 Downing street for a 5 month secondment as his personal photographer flying all over the world.

Recently Paul was tasked to head over to Sierra Leone to cover the British military's assistance in the fight for Ebola and send back imagery to news agencies here in the UK.  Of note I was sent a handful of images from Paul which really struck a chord.  People know my portrait work, and how I shoot and edit and make images however you all know I like to show the good work of others here on my blog.  These images for me conjure up the heartfelt disparity in this country that is at the mercy of such a dreadful disease.  The press is bombarded with the normal 'hospital' shots and 'children playing in the streets' and so on, yet Paul has taken a completely different approach and in 10 individual images shown us exactly what these people are all about.  Their faces show a lifetime of hurt, worn and rugged and as a viewer you are transported deep into their soul!  You can almost feel what they are seeing as we the British come to their help.  They are inquisitive and these images for me open up such a thought provoking reaction.  I want to see what they see, feel what they feel and read the stories they have to tell.

For the chance to see more of my good friends work and an opportunity to follow Paul as he progresses on his photographic journey please hop over to his website

Paul lives with his fiancée Kirsty in Wales, Kirsty runs her own business as a Dental Hygienist Therapist and they both have a passion for the great outdoors, fine wines and travelling the country in their VW Camper.

Please allow some time to look at these beautifully made images and leave any comments for me to pass onto Paul.