Joint ventures with VW Brides of Bexley, Kent / by Dawn Webb

This is my first post of 2015, I trust you all had a wonderful and hopeful start to the new year? no ok then, well here at Bexley towers we have an exciting new venture developing.  My loving partner Dawn and myself have gone all out to join teams and now start offering duo bookings for our bride's and groom's looking to get married.  Traditionally Dawn has run the two wedding cars, Marty our 1965 VW Split screen camper and Belle a 1972 white Karmann convertible Beetle on their own to transport wedding parties on the day of their wedding.  With me also operating as a solo wedding photographer nationally here in the UK.  Joining forces has allowed us to keep our overheads to minimum and offer a package price totally unbeatable yet with no compromise on service.  We both experienced, and together that brings a level of confidence and customer service of the highest level.  Couples can book us under one roof and not have that hassle of dealing with several companies and try and keep track of loads of correspondence - if you are mid wedding day planning you will know just what I mean.  Dawn generally runs the business end and it is Dawn you will discuss your plans with.  Dawn has been the most successful wedding car hire business int the South East for the past 7 years, her drive to provide the highest level or service is only click away form the exhaustive list of testimonials and gift cards we receive from weddings gone by.  Myself, I offer the chance to be booked with one or both of the cars to cover your entire wedding day at a heavily discounted price.  Still offering my album or USB package shot in my documentary style of photography.  VW Brides website is literally moments away from a refresh and we have a web develop team underway with all the content to launch our new look and one stop place to book the BEST car and photography combo here in the garden of England.