TesseracT play on the worlds biggest igloo at the Ice Cold Gig with JAGERMEISTER in Finland. / by Dawn Webb

The tech-metal titans make history in Lapland along with Jagermeister UK.

British djent pioneers Tesseract have entered the record books after becoming the first band to perform on top of a structure made completely out of ice. The gig was part of Jagermeister’s Ice Cold series of gigs and took place at Snow Village in Kittila, Lapland. An entirely man-made village built every year from 20,000,000kg of snow and 350,000kg of crystal clear natural ice, covering an area of 20,000 square metres and consisting of a hotel, ice restaurant, ice cocktail bar, chapel and cinema. And Metal Hammer were given exclusive access to the band as they prepared for this most unusual of gigs. words from Metal Hammer online.

So I was brought into to support expedition leaders ‘Secret Compass’ to assist in transporting kit over and to provide technical support and backup for camera crews, something very different to shooting the normal wedding scene.  I wasn’t quite sure what I had let myself in for on the lead up to the event.  First off I actually volunteered to drive the VW van the full 2,450 miles out and 2,450 miles back….for fun!  If any of you reading this know or have experienced a long drive then you might be able to sympathise with what is involved in such an epic distance.  We ( Kerry O'neil - Secret Compass) left Bexley on the Thursday evening, heading straight towards the Eurotunnel before sunset.  A short hop over to France, and bedding down for the night in Belgium.

We then meandered our way through Germany, Denmark, right up through the East coast of Sweden before finally making it into Finland some 3 days later ahead of the bands arrival that evening.

We spent 4 days filming the stage construction, behind the scenes footage and any cutaways needed for the final film.  The band embarked on a number of tasks around the Snow Village including a meeting with a real Reindeer farmer!  I teamed up with Phil Tarry of HALO Aerial Imaging.  HALO supplied and piloted the drone which was used in conjunction with a Canon 5D to grab any aerial footage needed to compliment the movie.  This was a first for me and I really enjoyed it.  Phil piloted the drone with one handset and I got to film and control the camera with another handset.

The week went by before we were all in the final preparations for the actual Ice Cold Gig itself.  We drew a crowd of a few hundred locals who arrived on foot, or cooler still Skidoo! yes these guys rocked up in the dark driving Skidoos across the open frozen swamps.

On the evening I was there in assistance to grab any stills that Tom the chief photographer couldn’t get but also to assist in the ground camera crew in the way of helping steady the Ronin gimble.  This was another first for me, to get stuck in with the video team…always being classed as a stills photographer you see.

Between us I think we nailed it, the footage is sublime and the teams ethic to get the job cracked and muck in wherever needed was excellent.  The light in Finland is temperamental, one minute it is dark and grey the next golden rays bounce off every single surface covered in pure white snow.  Exposure meters go wild.

On the eve of the gig we even got to witness the Northern lights way off in the distance…..well worth flying out just to see them.

Rather than bore you to death with how fantastic my little trip North was, why don’t I point you directly to the finished article on youtube and let you see for yourself.



I have also uploaded a few supporting stills to compliment the video, for the Fuji purists out there I took my XE1 and X-Pro1, which both performed great however I did experience a frozen shutter when the temps drop below -5C of an evening but a swift hot breath over the shutter and all was fine.  The cameras are so small and light that all you really need to do is hand them on a strap inside your down jacket making sure they don't condensate and they work fine in any extreme drop of tempreture. 


Keep it ‘Running Deep’ - JAGERMEISTER


Big shout out to the following-

Tom McShane - Secret Compass

Kerry O’neil - Secret Compass

Mark Huskisson - cameraman

Tom Carson - Jagermeister

Matt C - Callapro Films