Wedding of Shelley & Phill Welch at Cooling castle barn with VW Brides. / by Dawn Webb

Recently I have been sporting a new camera if you have noticed? I got rid of my X-Pro1 and XE1 and bought the smaller and more covert looking X100T.  I aim to get a short review up soon with my findings so far.

The beauty of the X100T is the fact I now take it everywhere with me.

Saturday I worked together with Dawn driving the cars for a wedding down at Cooling castle barn in Kent.

We arrived at the bride's Shelley as she completed her final stages before meeting us and loading..sorry cramming into the cars.  I say cramming because Shelley had this years biggest dress so far! That isn't to say it was ugly, it was stunning but very very huuuuuge and so the elements of getting both her and dad into the car were hilarious.

So whilst here I noticed there wasn't a photographer? this is something that always baffles me, brides pay all that money yet such delicate and intimate moments are simply going unrecorded.  I suppose this is what being a documentary photographer is all about, I don't want to miss vital moments throughout any story I have set to cover being it a wedding or anything else.


We arrived at Cooling castle in good time where the official photographer was there waiting to start the myriad of group shots even before they entered the venue to meet groom Phill.  Again another aspect of my work is I am a people watcher and a story teller and I really don't enjoy interruption during natural stages of the wedding especially at a time when the bride is already feeling anxious and nervous in anticipation of walking dow the aisle.  I like to let thoe moments unfold naturally and make images based on what I see not on what I think I should be seeing or trying to manipulate.


As the service finishes and the wedding party re appear back outside this is a time where we like to offer the cars as a back drop to the posed portraits as it were.

Here is a great chance for me to observe and make images and the Fuji is just perfect for that. it's totally silent and to some looks like a toy analogue camera which for me as a documentary photographer is just what I want - why? because people drop their guard.

The official photographer gets and does their thing and I work the area from left to right getting the shots I know they aren't getting or don't even have the chance to visualise because they are so wrapped up in the moment or stressing to make everything look as pretty as possible.

I like to post these onto the couple as soon as possible to just to let them know I was there doing what your photographer wasn't, who knows I might even get a referral or two out of it.