NAT & NICK do The Night Yard.. / by Dawn Webb

"Alrite Treacle" were one of the first words I heard out of the mouth of Natalie when she came by the house to book with me to shoot her wedding.  Natalie of course is from deep and dirty Essssssssex, I love her for her identity.  People could learn a lot about Essex people, they work very hard and party even harder.


The Wedding..

Natalie & Nick chose to get hitched at The Night Yard near Bridge, Canterbury which handy for me is only a 10 minute drive from the house.  

Initially Natalie and the bridal party as well as the boys got ready at The Broome Park hotel, 10 minute drive away.

It was all systems go, chaos in fact but we had the time and space to play and run around which is something I always like rather than being couped up in a spare bedroom.  The light was gorgeous, large north facing windows thus I was spoilt from all 3 sides of the bridal suite for golden light.  The first I do as a photographer is walk into the room, camera over my shoulder and exam where the light is coming from and spots I can position myself into when the action starts to get busier closer to the time the bride starts to get dressed.  Might look odd at first sight to girls who haven't met me, but it's what I am being paid to do isn't it?.


Natalie was driven to the venue in a stunning white VW Beetle car courtesy of VW Brides I even managed to fire off a single frame as we drove side by side up the motorway. The car is called 'Belle' and she is a 1973 white convertible Karmann VW Beetle. LUSH...


Charlotte who was the manager at the Night Yard was a proper diamond and made feel welcome the entire day and couldn't do enough for me, which made my first trip to the venue a happy one.  Fortunately for Charlotte has now moved onto ventures new and runs the brand new wedding & events company BLACK SHEEP.  I am sure our paths will cross often now that she isn't locked down to just the one location.

The ceremony was perfect, guests sitting outside in the warm summer sun in a courtyard away from any wind. I covered this event on my own, this is just how I like to work unless sometimes a wedding is split over a large distance and I need another photographer to be at a different location.  My job is to blend in and observe and then record my observations.  I work best when left to my own devices and my clients book me just for that reason.


It was a very messy day, drink was flowing and I think the heat may have got to everyone come 3pm but in good old Essex humor, it was truly brilliant to be part of.  They had curry for dinner, which was different but it worked, I was just thankful that Natalie didn't drop anything down the front of her dress because we still had the evening shots planned which were pre-discussed to go out into the adjoining orchard.

I used an assistant in the evening to hold a studio light for me, this gives a fantastic effect of isolating the bride & groom against the dramatic clouds.  It's this technique I use to give me those WOW images.


Anyway that's enough waffle...have a look and see the day in 97 images.

oh and I always offer 25% discount on bookings held at The Night Yard, purely as mentioned before - it's only 10 minutes from my house so my overheads are minimal.