12.12.12 London Fog / by Dawn Webb

Rule number one as any photographer will tell you is to always always always have your camera to hand, always!
Routine drive to work in the fog, went upstairs for my routine hot chocolate and BAAAM this was the view out of the window.
I did not have a clue it would be like this 40 floors up from ground level, my daily drive past Billingsgate market always seems drab and bumper to bumper in traffic with me still pulling my eyelids apart.
Thats the beauty of my X100 in that I can easily carry it to work in my bag and it takes up no room whatsoever, yet I can produce massive prints from it and get equal output to most sub £2000 DSLR type cameras.

Unfortunately I was shooting through 2 inch thick coloured glass, and has some influence on the finished image, so no matter what lens and sensor combo you use the results are going to be hindered.

Hope you like.

 Views to the East, where the O2 should be in view!

 It wasn't just me up here - most at least had their phones out and taking snaps.

 Views to the west, showing only the Shard poking through the canopy