Also available for Weddings. / by Dawn Webb

Although this is my personal blog, and my goings on about me and my X100 - I also want to tell you all that I alongside my colleague Mark are available for weddings.
We work under the name of Cap2ure - for those of you not hip it's pronounced "Capture".
we get people saying "captoooo you are" so I thought best to clear that one up first.

We have been shooting weddings professionally for a few years now, and have had some fantastic results.

Mark was also a military photographer of 22 years, and has now settled in the South East working as a commercial photographer full time.
We aim to shoot 20 good weddings a year, not letting ourselves get too bogged down and be on the hunt for quantity over quality
There is always a great risk of doing too many weddings and losing sight of making good images.
We never have done it for the money, hence we limit our numbers but also we both have full time employment elsewhere.

It's great for us to get together, talk photography and at the same time give back our talent into an album for couples and families to cherish for a lifetime.

This is a small selection of images from 2011/12 for you to get an idea of our style. ( although our style is constantly evolving)

also here is a link to our wedding site if you think we are ever suitable for people you know, or even maybe you are thinking of getting married yourself.
For 2013 we want to promote our "WARFARE to WEDDINGS" campaign - I will let you guess which one we find harder to cap2ure.

Thanks Woody