Amelia#1 / by Dawn Webb

The beauty of the X100 is the ability to allow the photographer to blend in and go unnoticed, I have many a street image or portrait (candid) at the weddings I shoot that I can guarantee the person didn't even notice me with my camera.
I shoot hundreds of Amelia as she goes about her daily routine, and she has become oblivious to what i am doing - the camera is so quick, silent and small.

Here are some from the lounge and some from the zoo as she lay there, and me inches from her face - now yes she knows I am there, but if i tried the same with a DSLR I would of got "Daddy what you doing" but this set didn't even bother her.

She is even mimicking me with her own camera, still hasn't grasped which eye to look through yet - maybe her technique is more suited to the M9 ? who knows - Amelia just don't add an M9 to your xmas list yet!!!