Clouds / by Dawn Webb

If I haven't yet hinted with my imagery that I have a fascination for clouds, here is my post letting you know so.
I did mention that I think clear blue or grey skies are inherantly boring, lifeless and emotionless.
Don't get me wrong, I do still have to work with them from time to time, my thought process has to include them, especially for commercial projects.  You could not depict a summers beach scene with my usual cloud look, so chucking a polariser on to accentuate a clear sky is sometimes a necessity.
You might need to use sky as negative space, so the more plain the better.

However where possible, I am on the hunt for clouds, big dark and menacing clouds - they give my images meaning, they help portray the moodier side to my portraits when underexposed in my backdrops.  It' for this very reason I try to get out of the studio as much as I can - and get clouds into all of my work.  Now it's no secret I also use a lot of post processing in my work, some photographers will  frown down on me for this - but you know what, it's still part of my digital process.
My starting process is to visualise the concept, the post process and editing phase is me completing that be it throwing in a cloud that wasn't there on the day or adding a hue to the scene and so on.
I never add subject to my work, but I do use a cloud here or there, or stretch clouds.

Tell me a commercial photographer that doesn't, and those they say they don't tweak an image here and there are telling porkies.

What I have done for you is add a group of my favourite clouds, and will continue to add more as the seasons change, especially with clouds from the X100 which renders them with zero noise or dodgy artefacts.
Please feel free to download, and if you wish for higher res versions email me at

This small selection aren't just mine but are some from Joey Lawrence, who I regard as the cloud/post processing master - please jump over to see some of his amazing work.