Intro to Amelia / by Dawn Webb

I spoke very briefly in my last post about my daughter Amelia, well here she is nearly three years old.
This set was shot only yesterday with my X100.
Some were pushed upto 3200iso - I dare you to try and spot the difference between those and the ones at 800iso.
It really is that good that I can crank it right up and still get good working images, although I admit most of my stuff barely makes it to print these days and is subject to viewing only on screen
Now those of you sporting retina macbooks might get a hint of image degradation, but the majority won't.
I process a lot in Silver efex Pro which for me and my style of work is great.
I often add "grain" so my iso selection is not too much of a concern, only pushing when needing to eliminate with camera shake.

You will get to see a lot of Amelia here on my blog, for she loves to play in front of the camera and becoming quite a little poser.
Give it a few more years and I will have her running and writing here very own blog - start em young.