Its been a while......... / by Dawn Webb

Hello and yes it has been a while since I have been able to blog, what with a change of career and lifestyle but also the motivation to actually write one.
Since leaving the military as a Professional photographer my life has taken a 180 degree turn from photography, where as it was very common for me to be running around with £30000...worth of Nikon gear around my neck, and shooting images to someone else's brief - often getting images I really had zero interest in! I have got photography back as a hobby, back where I want to be shooting images of what I want when I want and more importantly HOW I want.
No one telling me how an image SHOULD be taken, I hated the control others had over my work - for me personally it cramped my style, and inadvertently turned me into each and every other commercial photographer out on the street.

Some of my best images from my military days never even made the light of day, and some I couldn't even be bothered to show off because I knew the reactions they would get "that won't print or it's not good enough".
So for the very first time I will be showing them off here on my very own personal blog along with images that I hope to show from where I am now  - not working Pro but shooting for fun.

That brings me on gently to my gear.................. Fuji X100 "THATS IT"

no heavy gear, no massive heavy glass, no big bags, no need to carry TWO D3's because it "looks awesome" - just a little silver X100, spare battery and chamois should things get damp.....THATS IT

I will try not to bore you all with too much of my military work, as good as some of the images might be - I have moved on - after all they aren't my images, they are all Crown Copyright, I am not showing for any gain other than that I was there with my camera documenting history in the making.

Please enjoy my first post.

 yours truly second left

 can you spot the obvious? as they walk into QC

 A master at work!

 HRH Prince Edward