The Children of Afghanistan / by Dawn Webb

Whilst away on my first trip in Afghanistan I was slowly becoming a father for the first time, i.e Amelia was growing from a tiny seed into a fully grown baby  - yep that's right I was unlucky to be away during the pregnancy, a gift you might say - hell for me.
I hated every moment, but one thing I did have to keep my mind occupied was my photography.

Whilst out on the road it would often hit me on how vulnerable and innocent the children of Afghanistan were - this isn't their war, they don't take sides or judge one another over global issues - they don't even know who George Bush is, if they did do you think they would really care? nope.

But I used to see these kids on a daily basis, often staring at me as I dress like a storm trooper adorned with a big camera and dark glasses bumbling along in a heavily armoured, noisy truck covered in guns.
They must feel scared, intimidated and worried for their future - all we as soldiers could do was offer sweets, pencils and soft toys.

I could feel their vulnerability, and the best I could offer was an insight into their world buy the means of my photography, by giving them a passage to the outside world via the means of my blog - letting the world know that these children are out there, wrapped up in somebody else's war.

Here is only a small selection of my favourite images of the children of Afghanistan in a war that isn't theirs!