X100 goes to Turkey #1 / by Dawn Webb

This was my first trip overseas with my X100 in tow.  I decided to go to Turkey with a friend for a little photographic adventure.
We intended to head into Instanbul to capture the hustle and bustle, but that was an impossible task considering how far away we stayed so settled for a calmer Fethiye.
The sun in Turkey was so bright during the middle of the day and the prospect of shooting at F2 was nigh on impossible, but wait the X100 has a 3 stop ND filter built in - a tad handy. Problem solved.

So my mission was to hire a scooter and thrash it a few thousand feet above sea level to the top of the Babadag mountain in Oludeniz........literally thrash it - this is where having a few years competitive moto x experience paid off!!!

So why to the top of a mountain you may ask? The Babadag mountain is known to be one of the best Paragliding launch spots in Europe.
But today had a surreal twist, the summit was covered in cloud, a phenomenon was mentioned on several occasions.  Being British I didn't see the drama, but cloud in Turkey - middle of the summer apparently is a phenomenon?!.
Anyway it made for pretty pictures, as I hate clear blue skies - I can't think of anything more drab than a pretty blue sky, I find them utterly lifeless.
I wanted to see if I could get the lens to flare, as I've read so much about the soul of this camera when shooting straight into the sun. Fairly happy with the results, a lot different to a DSLR in terms of control.  Having that ND filter helps too, even when wanting to silhouette.

I could of sat there all day, however the prospect of riding for 45 minutes downhill on a 125cc scooter didn't fare too well especially as I only had 1 hour until sundown!

I was really happy with the results.

Here are a few images from that trip.