Brighton Rocks / by Dawn Webb

It's been a while since I have posted, as I have been very busy with life and day job.

Continuing still with my X100, I have been shooting a lot of monochrome lately - usually in RAW and converting in post process (PP).
I went to Brighton on a weekend at the end of April, and took my camera down to the beach to shoot some sea life.
It was midday with blue skies and whispy clouds, slight breeze and this gave me the idea to stick my 9 stop ND filter on and get some long exposure - with he in built 3 stop ND filter I had a total of 12 stops to play with.
I shot in B&W with red filter for previews, giving me the impressions I was looking for in my final image.
I wanted the blues to be dark, and high contrast so though this to be the best setting for the job.
Also since my last post I have purchased the Wide Angle converter, now it does supply miracles but does give you 28mm from 35mm - assisting ever so slightly in my landscape work.
I will be writing an in depth review of this lens soon.

Here is a handful of images from the day.