Camping @ Two Chimney's....... / by Dawn Webb

I went camping with the girls last weekend, and a first for me in Marty a 1965 Split screen T2 bus.

We headed to the North West coast in Kent, Margate, Westbrook and Joss bay.
We camped @ the Two Chimneys campsite, and here I captured some general lifestyle images of the girls around plot 136.....

The X100 is perfect for working incognito and being silent it never threatens my candid work,  a trait the Leicas can't compete with.
heading to the coast with a high sun and blue skies i opted for my favourite setting of Red filter for landscapes and green for portrait work.

The fact the camera has a fixed lens means I didn't have to worry about sand ingress again something you would certainly worry about with an M9.
Built in ND3 lets me shoot @ f2 all day long even in the bright mid day sun..

Marty and the girls...........