London with Tom .................... / by Dawn Webb

I met up with a good friend, Tom for a night on the embankment with cameras in tow.

The light was stunning, however I only intended to shit in monochrome and as ever I always shoot raw but choose a B&W setting for preview.
I specifically waited until the sun had dropped behind the buildings, because for me this is when the X100 can excel - shooting @ f2 on 3200 iso I can start to capture the ambience of urban life, provided by street lights and passing car head lamps - shadows and light show form and texture.

I have started to carry a Gorilla pod in my bag, this is handy for strapping the camera to bridges or fence posts for some long exposure work - this is how I shot the London eye image.
I still like the fact the X100 can be used with a traditional cable release, making setting up in the dark a breeze.

For the images of the street performers the X100 was the perfect camera, it was very dark and crowded with people yet the camera just makes you look like another tourist - which worked in my favour and allowed me to get in very close.

hope you like.