VW Brides visit Preston Court, Kent. / by Dawn Webb

Yesterday I had the chance to go and work with a friend from VW Brides - a vintage camper and beetle hire company based in Kent for Weddings all around the south east.

Dawn Webb who is the proud owner of Marty, a 1965 Split Screen camper and Belle, a 1973 Karman convertible Beetle provided a delivery service of the bridal party to a wedding being held at Preston court, a rural manor house on the outskirts of Wingham in Kent.

My main effort was to get a few sample images of the cars, purely for website reasons and to provide suitable images for the banner on Dawn's own website.
I am not normally into photographing cars or the like, it really isn't my strong point.

With just an X100 I am limiting myself to some degree - having no telephoto lens or external lighting gear a unique look was going to be difficult.
As you should all know by now the odd cloud will appear in most of images, and the weather really played into my hands yesterday - overcast, with thick layered clouds and hardly any shadows.

I can't think of anything worse than shooting clean blue skies and midday sun high over head....my worst nightmare.

Anyhow,  here are a few images from the day and I hope to return to the vehicles soon with some portable lighting gear and to see what limits I can push the X100 to with its canny ability to shoot extremely high flash syncs due to the internal leaf shutter and to overpower the day time sun.