The House Meadow continued / by Dawn Webb

Continuing on from yesterday's post where I showed you images from my first shoot at The House meadow in Kent, I said I would show more from later in the year when the weather was slightly more pleasant.

This set of images were to be used in advertising flyers, brochures and web to help show off the meadow as a rural location for bridal modelling.
The House Meadow has some very natural backdrops, including a lake  - which at the time of shooting these wasn't ready.
I continued with simple technique of using external studio flash out in the field, using a 5ft Octabox for maximum diffusion.

THe sun was overpowering a lot of my models, and so I used a screen to block thus preventing any harsh shadows on the faces.

I like to work in this way whenever possible, it gives me ultimate control - and you don't always want to stick models in the shade, a trait a lot of photographers resort too - I never chase the sun, but embrace it - use it for fill or back lighting, never as key light.
Key light is always my softbox - where I want it with my choice of intensity.

models: Rosie, Sophie, Emma and Laure

I hope you like this set.