The House Meadow / by Dawn Webb

A few years ago on a freezing cold, wet Sunday afternoon way out in the Kent countryside I found myself in one of - if not the greatest shoots I have ever done.
I was collaborating with an old friend of mine, Clare Passmore - Clare is the owner of the House Meadow, a wonderful and unique rural wedding venue in Biddenden, Kent

These were really early days both myself and Clare in our quest to be Kents next best wedding facilitators, me with my photography and Clare with the Meadow.

I wanted to join partnership with an old colleague prior to leaving the Army and become a full time wedding snapper, after two difficult years we came to the realisation this just wasn't meant to be.

Clare on the other hand has gone from strength to strength, the Meadow has seen some bookings and has hosted some stunning weddings.

I on the other hand am still sat here waiting to be noticed, ok so I don't get out there and do the hard sell at wedding fairs or do I devote money to advertising.  Perhaps waiting for that lucky break with the aid of word of mouth that someday, just someday I will get picked up.

I tend to work a lot differently to most wedding snappers in that I like to use off camera lighting, Elinchrom Quadras live at the actual wedding.  Now some snappers will say that this style of shooting isn't practical, but I always beg to differ - my work shows that.

I have far more control with my lights and a light meter than they do with natural light.
I control intensity, I control shadow, I control direction of light, i control quality of light and a host of other attributes related to light.

I am not saying I am right, I am just saying I shoot my work the way I like and it always works for my style.

Sooo back to this shoot at The House meadow, like I said it was bitterly cold and wet on the farm - which can I add it is a working farm with animals and real mud!
My models for the day were Eva George and Victoria Marston - models sourced locally.
We had a host of vintage dresses, props and limited makeup and hair styling which was done by Clare herself.
The plan was to produce a handful of "Trash the Dress" styled images showcasing a fashion type shoot on a working farm.

Each shoot was styled to suit the purpose of my client - Clare!
She picked the theme and I threw in my twist and voila - I think we got what she wanted.

The images are still being used today, two years on - which for me is great as I like to shoot timeless images.
I will be adding a few more images from a similar styled shoot, but this time in the dry!

Can I also add these were shot on a Nikon D3 and not an X100.

Thanks guys it still stick in my mind as one of the best shoots.