Dad can I have the iPad...... / by Dawn Webb

It's 7am Saturday morning, I am normally sound asleep when from no where I hear "Dad can I have the iPad"...........

Amelia is swiftly following my footsteps as tech geek, anything digital she wants - ipads, phones, remote controls, laptops she wants them.

It amazes me how a 4 year old can operate such devices, she hardly needs any instructions nowadays.

I know some adults would look right down their noses at me, questioning why don't you just give them a piece of paper and a pencil?  I understand both sides of the argument, however digital media is the future - its here now and will only progress as we all grow older, you either embrace it now or get left behind.
Amelia does get her fair share of pencil work, it's important for her to learn dexterity.  She loves colouring and now writing.

I am not one of these people that will just throw the iPad to her to shut her up,  I carefully monitor the games she uses making sure there is at least some form of educational purpose to them - counting, colours, numbers, letters etc

Only it did catch me out once - I gave her the iPad with my Spotify account unlocked to find she had spent £64 on Country and Western music!!!!!! honest

Here she is doing what she does best.

Dad I am watching Netflix she shouts.