Funeral Photographer Kent. / by Dawn Webb

Funerals like any other monumental stage in a persons life really do need documenting on camera.
I have spent the whole weekend researching this, browsed hundreds of Funeral Directors websites - some of the better Directors do offer a photographic service and some video coverage.

Some of the Funeral Directors sites are clearly still in the 1900's and are painful to look at, still using clipart to show off their own services.
Its now 2013 and technology is upon us, if we ALL don't embrace it the next person that has will stand out and take the business.

I have sent off hundreds of emails to Funeral Directors here in the South East, mostly Kent Funeral Directors to introduce myself and a service I could offer.

So I have decided to offer my services along with a 10x8" Photobook  - a book of remembrance, I can include the readings from the day, Hymns along with old images if you have them on file.
My books are modern, stylish yet timeless.

My price will be £350 for a book, based on 4 hours coverage.  I can be there for the entire service and Wake if needed.  Now I am not out to take happy snaps of people eating Cheese sandwiches or chomping on sausage rolls.  This is not what I am about, I am a Professional Photographer wanting to produce a high quality Photobook that I am happy enough to put my name to.

I rely heavily on word of mouth, so please if you can ALL spread the word and tell them about my work.

Kent Funeral Photographer Steve Wood -