Funeral Photography Service / by Dawn Webb

As from today I will be available to capture Funerals and remembrance ceremonies photographically. I can be there at the request of loved ones, family and friends.
Its a subject I have spoken in depth about with a number of people, especially those who have followed a recent loss. Their regrets were that they have no record of the day, nothing to look back on. I am very experienced in the capture of funeral services that I can fully understand the emotional loss and hopefully have the ability to lay this down in print with my individual photographic style.
I have been in the military for a number of years and as you can see from my previous blog post I have been in a number of situations where I have been required to capture life's final moments.
From the highest profile repatriation ceremonies where I have had to provide international press agencies through to low key private family affairs.
Obviously its a contentious subject having a photographer at an event such as life's final moment, but the fact we that are lucky enough to still be here we might just want a memory, a keepsake, a book - maybe not for today or tomorrow but something we can open in years to come or a record to hand down through generations.
I was unfortunate enough to lose both my Mother & Father when I was young, however I have no record of the day other than a death certificate - which to me is just a record of the date.
If I knew I could open a private book or box with dignified, professional images of the day showing those in attendance, the weather , the location, the flowers, the emotions, the smiles, the service books, hymn recitals and so on then perhaps those missing links might have been filled for me.
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