London #1 / by Dawn Webb

Saturday came, the weather looked ok and we decided to head down to the embankment.
This was bit of a nostalgic trip for Dawn and myself as Tooley street 17/03/2013 was where I might the love of my life.

Ok you say 7 months and your'e calling her the love of your life already? - YES I AM!
they say "when you know you know" - well I am saying "I know".
Enough of the romance and onto Photography.

This was my first chance to stretch the 50mm f1.2 outside the confine of my humble abode.
I decided to keep it f2 or above and also the ambient light was far too bright for f1.2 even at 100 iso.

We wondered into Borough Market SE1, packed with all types and it took me less than five minutes before I spotted "Homeless guy" - he was sat there, hood covering his face with a message written on a new moleskin notebook, one used liked myself.  I couldn't stop, the crowds were dragging me along but I managed one frame - quick chimp before I stood up and had nailed the focus straight off - easy -  I am in love with this lens already....ok I said enough romance!

Of course we stopped off for a few beverages on route and tbh we did more drinking than walking, it would of been rude not to.

We turned at Waterloo bridge where we spotted this crazy guy sat on the bank of the Thames working under the name of Flame Proof Moth - raving bonkers!  Sat there on a sun lounger looking up at those of us walking the South Bank - sheer brilliance too, a captive audience playing right into his hands.

Not a lot more to report other than a thoroughly nice walk, grabbed some images and sank a few beers!

 "Homeless Guy"

 "Old & New"

 "On the Cobbles"

 "Pride of Britain"

 It's not quite how it seems, look closer.

 "Flame proof Moth"

 "Where I found her"