One that sticks out - Frame One. / by Dawn Webb

When you work as a photographer you take hell a lot of images in a year, and not many of your images stick out.

However there was one for me during 2010 that sticks in my mind, it was an image I took at a patrol base in Afghanistan of a soldier from the Parachute Regiment.
It was a trip I went on to gather images for local newspapers.

What made this trip stick in my mind was it was the first time I travelled overseas with my 85mm F1.4G.

I kept this lens only for a few months, it annoyed me to be brutally honest.  It never worked with my D3 body, I constantly had focus issues and at times had to dial in +-13 on the compensation scale.
This was not acceptable for a lens costing £1300!!!!

However moving onto the images that came out "good" was an image of this Private soldier, I shot the normal Beret on holding Rifle type of images that the Army "wanted" me to provide.  I then decided to mix things up and get what I wanted.  Its not an image that screams a technical marvel but an image that shows me the hardships the young guys go through.  The young Infantry soldiers often go out on tour as a young boy and return a man!!!  Afghanistan ages you in a way you don't feel, but can see on camera.  He could not of been any more than 20, but the look in his eyes gives off a totally different perception - this was towards the end of his 7 month tour and I can't imagine what he saw during that time.
His eyes tell so many stories, the pain, the loss.

Its just one of a few images I will post over the next few posts 'That sticks out" for me.