One that sticks out - Frame Two / by Dawn Webb

Following on from series of images "that stick out" is probably one of my most least understood pictures.
Something that the military always harp on about is "The Battle for Hearts and Minds" - where the military might attempt to overcome the hearts and minds of local civilians in order to gain public support for their intended missions.  With local support comes trust, with trust comes information, with information comes intelligence and so on and so on.....
This can be in the form of schooling, water wells, construction, road building, bridge building, handed out malaria nets, medical care, vaccination, immunisation treatments, handing out food, humanitarian aide, sweets to children and so on and so on......

I never let myself get too wrapped up in it all......after all I was just a Photographer! what do I know?

Anyway I was sat in the exact checkpoint that 5 soldiers from the Grenadier Guards in 2009 - WO1 Darren Chant, Sergeant Matthew Telford, Corporal Steven Boote, Corporal Nicholas Webster-Smith, Guardsman James Major tragically lost their lives.

I was sat in that exact spot 3 weeks previous, probably amongst the exact same members from the Afghan National Police (ANP).

We would work and train alongside the ANP, the ANP were in their infancy - they were being coached by members of ISAF.

Back to my image - to me in conjurs up that "Battle for Hearts and Minds" - yet that month it felt that we ISAF lost it for a moment,  not just the trust but the respect - until it was discovered that the rogue gunman that carried out this atrocity was infact a member of the Taliban.

I sent this image back to the Army picture editor only to find it never got used, I often asked "Did it ever even get looked at"

So here is my interpretation on The Battle for Hearts and Minds

The Battle for Hearts and Minds that I doubt ever even got looked at - WHY?!