Whitstable Storm day minus 4 Hours. / by Dawn Webb

It's minus 4 hours before the storm of 2013 reaches the shores of Whitstable, Kent and what better to do then grab your coat a brolley and head outdoors for some fresh air.

Dawn and myself headed down for a walk, chips and a beer.  Whitstable is a favourite of ours - its got some quant boutique style shops, great coastal architecture and lots for me to point the camera at.

With the emerging weather reports coming in it was bound to throw up a cloud or two, which if you know me by now - I do love a cloud.

Straight out of the car, camera on spot meter - point upwards and click - stormy clouds - result.

Whitstable is famed for it's Oysters which have been collected in the area for at least since the Roman times.  The town itself dates back to before the writing of the Domesday book.

Whitstable's distinctive character is popular with tourists, its Maritime heritage is celebrated with the annual Oyster festival.  Freshly caught shellfish are available throughout the year at several food restaurants and pubs in the town.

We finally found refuge in the old Neptune Pub, a nice pint of Whitstable Bay lager was on the cards.

Headed back to the car before the heavens opened.