Amelia visits. / by Dawn Webb

It's been a wonderful two weeks, Amelia my daughter has been to stay with us.

Just when you struggle to face the truths of life what with unemployment, even worse 'Manflu' - Amelia has this canny ability to lift my spirits when the chips are down.
Her life is so uncomplicated and simple, for her it's a stress if Peppa Pig isn't on or her milkshake has spilt onto the sofa.
Her slippers annoy her, the bathroom light hasn't been left on or I failed to download a new game on the iPad when requested…..these are all of her deepest stresses in life!

For us its juggling the bills, working out whats more important - that fancy camera lens or a trolley full of shopping.

So to head out with the girls, camera slung over my shoulder is how I deal with my spare time to give me a little distraction from the world that carries so much stress.

As I raise the viewfinder to my right eye, unload the aperture ring to f1.2, check the focus confirmation dot…..await the eye movement and spot the catchlight in her eyes clack clack goes the shutter I could be anywhere, for me anywhere is paradise. ….what bills, what food…..who cares I am out shooting images with my camera.

Can't wait to rush back, upload and start my edit process…that little bit of paradise is still taking place, its a sped up process of what I used to do in the darkroom.  The excitement factor is still the same, just quicker.

Thats why I love photography - it's my paradise.

Here is Amelia's visit.