Is it a bird…... / by Dawn Webb

I am barely setup up for my day ahead, as I head out into the garden to sort the bin out when I can't help to notice what a glorious morning it appears to be through the window - OK in reality it's bloody freezing, I am still in my PJ's and the garden is still soaking wet from the overnight rain and I can't be bothered to find my flip flops.

We live below one of the flight paths to Heathrow, not so close that sound can be heard but in view of the aircraft stacking up overhead in preparation for their approach.  Hundreds come buy every morning depending on wind direction, bringing in thousands of jet setters.

Why are they heading to us I always ask…? business? tourists? ex pats coming home…?soldiers in bound from Afghanistan? Aide flight returning from the Philippines?….

I have got good at spotting the business users, private LearJets heading for LCY - That's London City Airport, probably rich bankers or celebs heading to us to promote some new album in time for Christmas perhaps.

All I know is I wish we could be heading the other way, somewhere idyllic and warm so that some middle aged guy, belly hanging out in his PJ's standing on slugs with the bin bag in his right hand can look up at us and think "where are those lucky gits going"………?