Remembrance Sunday - St John the Evangelist, Bexley Kent / by Dawn Webb

Dawn, myself and Amelia went down to Bexley war memorial today to pay our respects to those that have fallen over the years, not just the veterans of both worlds wars but to those I have lost as friends and colleagues during recent conflicts.

Its a first visit for me to the war memorial in Bexley, an unassuming memorial on a busy T junction into the village.  There must of been a congregation of 200 + people today, military veterans, civilians and various members from the Church, Guides, Brownies Cubs and Scouts.

This was also the first year I went without my Veterans badge as I have lost it! I got a few 'mutters" from the old boys about me and my camera!!! Guess if I went with my Veteran badge and medals on my chest the reception might of been different?!

The sun shone high overhead, harsh at times and making exposure difficult to gauge - thank god for the preview monitor.  Trying to shoot at f1.2 was nigh on impossible - it was too bright.

It was a short service read by Rev Scott Lamb the vicar of St John the Evangelist church. After 30 minutes or so it wasn't long before members of the ex servicemen's club here in Bexley retired back inside for a warm drink shame I didn't join them to introduce myself.
I am hoping to approach members of the club to see if I can get access for portraits - a project I have longed to do and a great way for me to exhibit my work locally.

Those that will sadly be lost from my own personal connections are….

WO1 Anthony Penhaligan - Pen
Capt Mark Hale
LCpl Johnathan McKinley
Cpl George Cosby - George
Cpl Mark Palin - Maldoon
Cpl Stephen Thompson  - Tommo

SO for now here are few choice images from the day.