Weddings continued...... / by Dawn Webb

I wrote yesterday about switching over to the Fuji X system for my wedding working this coming season and explained my reasons why.

I want to talk more about my approach to certain situations and what sets my style aside from others.

I learnt very quickly with wedding clients is that they must put a huge amount of trust with their wedding photographer, picking and deciding on who to use amongst the plethora of snappers out there is colossal.
There so many "Walters" working the market it's untrue, and I am not for one second slating individuals here but some of the work I see is cringeworthy.  Some people claiming to be photographers because it sounds trendy.  I am lucky in that I was trained to the highest standard academically and have accreditation to prove it which amounted to a huge amount of £cost from those lovely people at the Ministry of Defence, however that came at a cost of knuckling down and mastering the theory way before I would even consider myself a seasoned snapper.
I still find it very difficult to pick up new clients, I have to work extremely hard at my marketing and self promotion.
So the way I approach certain situations are very relaxed because I know my trade , I am extremely confident in my abilities but I will never admit to knowing it is ever evolving.

Changing over to the X Sytem further re-enforces my relaxed and unassuming style - I never have been one to be jumping about with 2 x huge DSLR's, big lenses and flashguns hanging off pushing and shouting for guests to move out of the way.
If I had funds then I would be a Leica day, I adore the simplicity a Leica can give you.

I am so excited to see what the X system can do for me.

Here are some more images from last year, a mixture of nikon work and Fuji X100 work.