PROTEM Apartments. / by Dawn Webb

I've just taken on a new client in the property lets market in Canary Wharf.

'Protem Apartments' offer serviced apartments across central London and Canary Wharf which are available to book from 3 nights, with no maximum length of stay.  Serviced apartments offer a comfortable and cost effective alternative to staying in a hotel, and are available to book whether you are an individual, for business or pleasure, or a company looking to accommodate staff in London corporate apartments.

Protem is derived from the latin phrase 'pro tempore', which translates as 'for the time being', which is exactly what a serviced apartment provides - a home for the time being.

I will be shooting a number of apartments over the coming months.

This set was shot with a Nikon D4 and the infamous 14-24mm ultra wide zoom lens, the stable mate of all property photographers.

I am waiting for Fuji to release their first ultra wide - XF 10-24mm so that I can continue the motion on utilising  the X system and make use of the sublime X Trans sensor and squeeze every last drop of dynamic range from it.
Working with the X system for this type of work will impact hugely on what kit I need to carry on my back around London.  No longer will I need to hump heavy DSLR cameras and even heavier glass on the underground, getting caught in the ticket gates and struggling to find a seat for me and my baggage.

Fingers crossed the XF 10-24mm will be released at The Photography Show next week at Birmingham's NEC.

For now here is a small selection of my recent work for Protem.