Westcott Speedlite ProGrip Handle / by Dawn Webb

I have been trying to streamline my off camera lighting setup for sometime, but every time I think I have cracked it I face the same problem! How do I attach the Pocket Wizard to the Speedlite?  I am forever hanging from a chord or using velcro which never holds or balancing in some kind of precarious manner. Until now..............

............... I have just ordered the simplest and best quality device on the market for such a problem.

With a history that dates back to 1899, Westcott is one of the leading innovators of photographic lighting equipment on the market. The company is currently selling various lighting products, light modifiers, reflectors, scrims, backdrops, and other lighting accessories.

In a recent press release, Westcott announced the new ProGrip Speedlite handle designed to accommodate any off-camera flash. The ProGrip features a custom molded grip that can hold any speedlite or radio trigger available on the market.

Thanks to its unique design, with ProGrip you can also add various modifiers, including the PocketBox, Apollo softboxes, umbrellas, and even Westcott's Triple Threat, giving you the possibility to easily hold multiple speedlites at the same time.

The grip also comes with an umbrella slot as well as two cold shoes that can be easily replaced with hot shoe flash systems. Westcott Speedlite ProGrip Handle is now available for purchase from Suffield Imaging Ltd at a sale price of only £35.

I can see me using the ProGrip for all of my street portraits and wedding work where I have the luxury of using an assistant.
Even if I don't have an assistant the ProGrip has a thread on it's base so you can attach it to any light stand/tripod.

Simply pop in a shoot through brolly and you can have studio quality light anywhere, hassle free.

The quality of finish is top grade and durability is yet to be proven, with Westcotts track record I can't see the proGrip being an issue.

Suffield Imaging are UK based and ship within 24 hours, excellent customer service and above all reliable.