Cherish the Dress - Bexley Wedding Photographer Steve Wood / by Dawn Webb

Love your wedding dress? Now Cherish it too!

I’ve no doubt you’ve heard of “Trash the Dress” photography, as it was a really big wedding industry trend a year or two back, starting in the US and making its way across to the UK.

The concept was inspired, and simple: wear your wedding dress again, after the big day, on the beach, in a river, have a mud bath, play some football or go paintballing, ride your horse… have fun and your photos will look fantastic.

The idea of Trash the Dress was great. In practice though, not so many English brides were keen to ruin the most expensive dress they’d ever bought, not even for the most amazing photos and a great day out at the seaside, zoo or theme park.

What is Cherish the Dress?

It’s a British take on Trash the Dress invented by Chris Hanley, an exclusive fashion shoot where you are the model and your wedding dress is the star. Think of it as a fabulous modelling adventure, a post wedding photography experience where the dress is the Star not the Victim of a photo shoot.

Your whole photoshoot will be a delight and you will shine wearing your beautiful dress. There is, if you wish, room for passion too; the perfect opportunity to have pictures of tenderness with your man.

How did Cherish the Dress come about?

A few years ago I was intrigued by the idea of Trash the Dress when it was first popular in the US. My photography style was always fantasy portrait-led and highly artistic, so the concept was fantastic. But after listening to English brides at wedding exhibitions I soon realised we weren’t as keen to trash our lovely dresses as the Americans seemed to be!

Brides really do like the idea of 

extra wedding dress photography

 after their wedding day. They also wanted fashionistic images, but they wanted the dress to stay clean and dry. They loved their dress and wanted to keep it forever.”

Now there isn't a strict timeline on the chance to adorn yourself in your dress again – today, tomorrow or ten years's never too late.

My Cherish the Dress shoot consists of me and my stylist at a given location ( this can be discussed in detail) provided on a beautiful handcrafted wooden USB device.

I can be booked as part of a voucher scheme should you wish to surprise your love one.

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