Cherish the Dress with Liz Meaney / by Dawn Webb

Liz was a bride that contacted me via a mum at a local school.  She spotted that I started my 'Cherish the Dress' bespoke photo shoots and jumped at the chance of booking me for an evening.

The location was Joydens Wood in Bexley, Kent.  It was a beautiful golden summers evening, perfect for this style of shoot.  Liz got married 10 years ago and told me that her day went by in such a flash and that back then she never really paid much attention to their wedding photography and all of these years has regretted it.  I here this story so often and it really gets me down, photography is not something that lip service can be paid to.  What we do as photographers is create memories down on film for the rest of your life - as cheesy as that sounds.

Liz was very fortunate in that her dress still fits like the day she got married, so zero adjustments were needed prior to the shoot.

Shooting with the Fuji X-Systems and off camera flash for the first time was a pleasurable experience and one that gave me very little problems and allowing me to concentrate on the shoot itself.

We ran through several locations within the woodland area, often opting for open space to allow the warm tones from the sun to back light Liz and providing sumptuous warm rays around her hair and dress linings.  The evening sun is also extremely flattering for portrait work.

Have a look at what we all produced and if you think you would like this style of shoot feel free to drop me a line.

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