Daddy & Daughter time. / by Dawn Webb

There comes a time in a mans life when he realises that a little Daddy & daughter time is the perfect medicine for the day to day stresses that life can throw at you.

Life has sucked lately, what with financial commitments and job situations blah blah blah...... when Amelia out of nowhere said 'Daddy can we go exploring and take a picnic'.

I know just the spot where we go on a bear hunt and pick blackberries and sit under a tree and chomp  on carrots and houmous I said - sounds perfect replied Amelia.

Into the kitchen I went, threw some food into a bag, grabbed my camera and off we went with the dog.

I have recently come to realise that a child's brain is so uncluttered and can see the world as such a beautiful place - it is uncoloured, non judgemental and one that demands happiness 24/7 in everything that they do.

They crave positive attention, they want your love and they thrive on learning and discipline.

We made up a story that we were hunting for a bear that was running around eating blackberries and stopping the people of Bexley picking them in order to make pies and crumbles.  Eventually we gave up searching and headed home, with a belly full of food and feeling rather sleepy after lying down on the picnic blanket for an hour.

Here is our bear hunt.......