The Driver - Wingham, Kent / by Dawn Webb

I often drive for VW Brides when I am not busy photographing weddings.  Usually chauffeuring a 1965 Splitscreen camper called 'Marty'.

As always I have my cameras with me, more often than not to capture images for VW Brides own PR work and use on social media.

This is also a great chance for me to keep my eye in and get my name out there

I will be showcasing a number of galleries here on my blog called 'The Driver'.

Starting off with a wedding I drove for in Wingham Kent for 'Tiff & Tom Askew'.  We stopped off for a few image opportunities which the official photographer wanted to get on route to the reception venue.  I always ask if it is ok to make a few images for myself,  not wanting to step on anyones toes I get in and move swiftly as I never want to interrupt the flow and be like an 'Uncle Bob' type character.

I hope you like what I captured yesterday and as always please hop over to check out

VW Brides

 if you fancy hiring out either 'Marty or Belle.